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United Kingdom

About Luxinar Ltd.

Luxinar's CO2 lasers and femtosecond lasers are ideal for battery cell shaping and electronic component refinement. The non-contact laser process eliminates dust, chemicals, and production delays caused by traditional tools, resulting in unmatched productivity. Ideal battery applications for our lasers: Cutting separator foils - A dust and chemical-free non-contact process. Unwrapping battery cells - An automated process that doesn't overheat the cells. Notching and separating - A clean cut for hassle-free packaging of electrodes and separator stacks. Surface texturing - High-speed hole drilling for increased productivity and higher charge/discharge currents. Ablating battery casings, busbar and hairpin coatings - A quick, clean process that minimises downtime. Luxinar has over 25 years of expertise and more than 25,000 lasers worldwide. Our lasers are used in a broad spectrum of industries including automotive, electronics, packaging and textiles and for numerous applications such as ablating, cutting, drilling, marking, perforating, scribing and welding.

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